Will Shortz http://wjsu.org en This Changes Everything! http://wjsu.org/post/changes-everything <strong>On-Air Challenge:</strong> Given a sentence, change one letter in one word to make a new word which completely reverses the meaning of the sentence. For example, given "The singer is not coming on stage." Changing the "T" in not to a "W" in the word "not" makes the sentence, "The singer is now coming on stage."<p><strong>Last </strong><strong>Week's Challenge From Listener Eli Blake of Joseph City, Ariz.: </strong>Take the names of two state capitals. Change one letter in each one, resulting in a phrase naming someone you will see soon on TV. Who is it? Sun, 10 Jun 2012 10:13:00 +0000 Will Shortz 4149 at http://wjsu.org This Changes Everything!