FCC Public Inspection Files & Financial Statements

Public inspection files are a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. All existing TV and radio stations in the U.S., and all applicants for new broadcast stations, are required to keep certain documents relating to the station’s operation and ownership in a file, in a place where members of the public may have free access to it.  WJSU’s Public Inspection Files are located at 1230 Raymond Rd., Jackson, Mississippi and are available for public inspection during regular business hours.

For more information, call 601-979-2285 or email wjsufm@jsums.edu.

Financial statements from the past year are posted on our website under the “About” page.   To obtain copies of annual financial reports and filings from previous years, please contact the station during regular business hours at 601-979-2285 or email wjsufm@jsums.edu.