WJSU is a public radio station licensed to Jackson State University (JSU). Our programs create time for thoughtful attention to voices speaking around the world or down the road, inviting listeners to supply something of their own imaginations to the process.  Our commitment is to reach you where you are, while taking you places you've never been - all for the price of one good ear and receiver - preserves the best the medium has to offer and calls on some of the best we have within ourselves.

A community resource since June 1, 1976, "Cool and Current" WJSU began as a 10-watt station broadcasting from the JSU campus.  Now a 24,500-watt entity, the station broadcasts 24 hours daily from the Mississippi e-Center at JSU, reaching Hinds, Simpson, Madison, Rankin, and Copiah counties.  With membership in NPR, Public Radio International and American Public Media, WJSU offers an intelligent mix of in-depth news,  informative talk, jazz and blues.  In addition to timely news and timeless music, the station supports community activities and provides practical experience for students majoring in Mass Communications.  We are extremely proud of that fact.  Please see our community activities by reading "Telling Public Radio's Story" below.

Being "Cool and Current" means constantly striving to improve ourselves. One way the station has made improvements is by converting our signal to digital.  On December 11, 2006, WJSU became the first radio station, commercial or public, in the state with a complete digital signal. Operating digitally means WJSU can promise our audience a stronger signal, less distortion, less time off the air and more time devoted to timeless music and timely news. Digital conversion is costly to maintain. We spent more than a quarter of a million dollars for equipment purchases for this endeavor with support from the community and federal grants. 

The station’s operational budget comes from donors, Jackson State University, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  For a complete financial profile, see WJSU’s most recent audited records  below.  WJSU's audited records for the last five years are made available for appointment viewing and copies Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  For an appointment or audit copy fees, call 601-979-2285.

Statement of Intent:
WJSU is the leading provider of jazz programming in the state of Mississippi to a diverse audience as a service of Jackson State University.

Programming Philosophy:
The programming goals and philosophy of WJSU are to meet the needs and concerns of the community in the Jackson Metropolitan area through the production and acquisition of high quality and innovative programs. The programming services provided by WJSU have been developed to respect the cultural differences within its community.